A few young CSI Tamil Christians who lived in and around Sharjah with the instigation of Holy Spirit got oneness spirit in their mind and started CSI Tamil Parish, Sharjah in the year 2007.

By Almighty’s Grace our humble faith journey started on 02nd Feb, 2007 with a holy worship service which conducted by Rev. A. Christopher Doss which laid initial foundation for our church growth. Thereafter Rev. Y. Peter conducted the holy services for almost 3 months which gave more mile stones in our faith journey. Rev. A. Duraimony made strong base to the Church during his tenure of 1 year.

After that Rev. S. Belson Gramoni was formally deputed from Kanyakumari Diocese by our Bishop Rt Rev. Dr G. Devakadasham as our Presbyter for a period of three years. Followed by him, Rev. P. Raja Jeya Singh and Rev. K. Edwin John Deva Kumar served as our Presbyters. Presently, Rev. R. Ranjit Suthir is serving as our Presbyter since May 2017.

Our motto is to preach the Gospel whenever and wherever possible, pray for others especially for needy, uplift the lives of socially, economically and spiritually under privileged people. Uplift the nations especially U.A.E. and India in our prayers for the peace and prosperity.